Ann Ukrainetz | The theme of self-discovery in English literature

Self-exploration is something we all do in our lives and you haven’t done it already, then you should do it now. Digging out your hidden talents, getting to know about your past, and exploring yourself inside out is the first and foremost thing that you should do once in your lifetime.

Self-discovery gives way to new things, new achievements, and much more. If you do not know enough about yourself, then how would you expect others to understand you completely? Therefore self-discovery is necessary as done by Ann Ukrainetz. This discovery made her realize that she didn’t about herself much and opened the gates of curiosity in her.

Ann Ukrainetz | The theme of self-discovery in English literature
The theme of self-discovery in English literature

When you discover all the truths of your life, you reach the stage of “self-realization” which is very important. This lets you know about the true potentials you have in you and takes you one step closer to your goals. Once you reach the stage of self-realization, you get to know the actual purpose of your life.

After this, you get the determination to fulfil that purpose and you ultimately become a good judge on how you wish to spend the rest of your life. Ann Ukrainetz also did the same thing when she got to know that she has some links with the British Royal Family.

The quest for her identity transformed her into a new person. Therefore, self-exploration is something that we should in our lives.

Ann Ukrainetz | How reading can inspire you?

Ann Ukrainetz “Books are your best friends. Start reading today.” 

Reading is the treasure of positive motivation. One can learn to be more creative by reading. It is not about how much you read. It is about how much you understand and consume.

If you like the stuff then you can continue reading without any distraction. But it is not necessary that you are able to understand the deep meanings of written words in just one go.

Many legendry people wrote the inspirational stories of their lives. And we can learn many things that are useful for our life.

Why reading:

Ann Ukrainetz | How reading can inspire you?

Reading helps us to educate: Reading is good way to improve the vocabulary. Reading educates us very well. Because books are the treasure of knowledge.

Reading helps us to reduce stress: Reading keeps us busy and diverts our mind. This is one of the good ways to reduce stress.

Improves your knowledge and creativity: Reading gives us various creative ideas that we can use in our personal and professional life.

Motivation: Reading motivates us in positive manner.

Knowledge Improvement: Reading improves our knowledge skills.

Ann Ukrainetz | Qualities Of Good Author

An author is a person who creates or originates any written work it can be a book or play, author is also known as writers, biographer, columnist, composer, creator, journalist, poet, producer, and reporter. Or it can be defined as a person who creates or give meaning to different things through words. Every author has its own way of describing things and way of working.

Author is an artist who has the power to create meaningful content.” Ann Ukrainetz

“Author is an artist who has the power to create meaningful content.” Ann Ukrainetz

Authors have been a great influencer to the society thorough the time. One of the good examples of the successful author is Ann D. Ukrainetz who written her life’s story in a memoir. She love to write and as a result she also written Mischievous Mitzi collection.  The Gutenberg Bible is the oldest book ever found, the first copies of which were printed in 1454-1455 AD. Some good authors have some qualities which are common such as:


As an author a person have to be creative with its ideas about his work. Most of the successful authors have created the most unique work, which was new to the society.

Observational Skills

Authors are known for their excellent observation skills; they take everyday observation of general life and make a meaningful art work. Every author has their different views on every situation.

Love for Writing

If you don’t love your work you are not going to be a good author. Consider every word an author writes as an artwork which defines him, his way of thinking, his approach to the world.

The Power of writing| Ann Ukrainetz

We started writing in our childhood. Mail, text messages, chatting over social media platforms are our daily routine which include writing.

Writing is like a beautiful tool to use to share your ideas, emotions, knowledge, stories, information etc.

Writing was originated to communicate. With the advancement in technology now a day’s content become the king and become most effective way of communication over Internet.

One of my favorite authors “Ann Ukrainetz” wrote her life’s inspirational story in Memoir. Her story is about how she realized “Who I was born to be: The Saga Of A Lady Who Is Internationally Regarded As Princess Diana’s American Aunt”

The Power of writing| Ann Ukrainetz

I have given her example because she truly proven the power of writing. A written letter by her mother Evelyn changed her whole life. Because of a letter she comes to know about her real biological father “Edmund Maurice Burke Roche, 4th Baron Fermoy” and her relation to a Royal family.

The example of Ann D. Ukrainetz makes us understand the power of writing.

A writes is an artist to create excellent stuff for the readers. Key component of writing is critical thinking.
Writing is always inspired by our thoughts, knowledge and the things we observe or research.
Writing makes your mind to think deeper. One good writer always tries to write every world with a deep meaning. Writing is a process that continues beyond the time limits. More you practice more good content you can create. Understand the power of great content and share your thoughts, emotions or knowledge with others.

Ann Ukrainetz | An Overview Of ‘who I Was Born To Be'

This piece of writing covers the story of Ann D. Ukrainetz who is now regarded as Princess Diana’s American aunt. Ann was in quest of her identity when she found out that she is somehow related to the British Royal Family. This discovery made her life a little chaotic. Before this discovery, her life was quite simple, she beautifully raised three children and was dedicated to teaching children in school.

Ann Ukrainetz | An Overview Of ‘who I Was Born To Be'

She didn’t know about her biological father which made her curious to know about her identity. In this book, she has also mentioned about her British upbringing and also tells what made her depart from England in the year 1955. In quest of her identity, Ann Ukrainetz visits her birthplace and collects some pieces of evidence about her birth.

By reading this book, we also get to know how Ann’s perspective towards love affair has changed. Ann also gets to learn about various things about the British Royal Family and the tradition of Royal out-of-wedlock children. The book also tells about her newly build affection for her niece i.e. Princess Diana. She calls this book a memoir of self-discovery.

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